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Wow. You are amazing. Absolutely wifh you the very best and hjuge success wiht your upcoming album release.
My husband and I saw you guys Friday night after the GOTR tour. You blew us away. Looking forward to seeing you guys again one day. We may have to make a trip back to Florida to see you.
You guys were by far the best show i saw Friday Night. I wish i would have left the GOTR earlier. I gushed about how wonderful you guys were to my friends and family all weekend. I wish you continued success and I can only hope I will get to see you perform again. Please come to Knoxville, TN. We would love to have you!!!
Thank you for enhancing our anniversary this past Friday night on 9/6! We were seeking some music and stumbled into Cafe da Vinci and were blown away by your talents! We especially appreciate your taking my husband's special request and playing Patsy Cline's "Crazy". We'll look forward to following your adventures!
Thank you all for playing our wedding and making our party AMAZING! We, and all of our guests, loved your music. Everyone told us that you were by far the best band they'd ever heard at a wedding and the locals were asking where they could see you play around town. It was such a pleasure having you there! We'll see again in Sanford or NSB soon.
You played at my son's wedding this past week-end- it was beyond amazing. Your voices and your music is better than anything I have ever heard. If anyone is looking for a band for an event-they are beyond amazing. I live near NSB and will be trying to catch you over there! We really enjoyed the show.
I saw you last night in Stillwater - you were amazing! I will be coming to your next show when you are back in town!
Saw your show last night at Shanghi Bistro in Stillwater, MN and I have to say it was Fantastic! You really helped to make my date night perfect. I will pass your information on to all my friends and family here in MN,,,,come back soon! I will be purchasing your music...
I saw The Police on a small stage on a filed before anyone ever heard of Sting or the Police. I saw Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, several times, in local clubs in Ganesville, FL. And when you guys hit the big time I am going to be able to say, I saw The Afterwhile before they were an international hit! Rock on.
Hi guys... I knew that you would make it big at some point.. I used to babysit you and change your diapers when we were on the road in the Conti Family when it all started back in Detroit, MI.. I miss those days and I am glad to see that your music still lives on.. I am looking forward to visiting with all of you in Florida very soon. Its been too long.. Love you,.. MICKEY
Hi, my husband and I went to Daytona Beach for our honeymoon and we met you guys and loved you music instantly. We purchased The Afterwhile CD and made a vow we would listen to it every wedding anniversary. Today is our anniversary and we're listening. We love your music, keep up the GREAT WORK :)
LOVED listening to you two last night in Sanford! Thank you for sharing your gifts:)
We heard you guys tonight at Marco Dinos in Sanford. You guys were incredible. You really made the night.
I thoroughly enjoyed your performance today at the Orlando Folk Festival! Please let us know when you will be in Central Florida again. Winter Garden hosts a music festival in October which would be great to see you play. Although I bought an "EP" today (4 songs), please let us know when a full CD comes out. Keep up the great work - we'll be listening!
What wonderful talent!!! Saw you Wed. at SRG. Stayed after dinner to listen to next set. Please think about booking a gig during the summer season in Saratoga Springs,NY. Great venue for all types of music. Lots of outdoor places to showcase talent during the Thoroughbred Racing Season. 2013 is the 150th anniversary of the 1st Track in the nation. They have street festivals at the beginning and end of the racing season. Starts onJuly 19 thru Labor Day. Continued success! Jody K.
We had the pleasure to have Tony and Chris play at our campground twice last year(Gina had already went back to florida) The guys belted out some of the best sounds I have heard in along time, they are amazing! they played everthing from Jonny cash to led zepplin. our patron fell in love with them and have been asking when they are coming back. We got the chance this month to meet and hear Gina in Florida and her voice is absolutly amazing. we wish you the best and hope you come back to Minn. and play for us soon!
Loved your performance at Images ... can't wait for another opportunity to hear your amazing voices accompanied by such instrumental talent. Jason is phenomenal on the mandolin and Gina sets the house on fire!
I met the Cuchetti family & their band Minister Theory 4 years ago @ the opening of the Skatepark in NSB, my life musically was changed from that day forth. The songs they write and the production musically of these songs is exceptional. Coming from an exceptionally musical family, this generation of Cuchettis teamed up with brothers from other mothers & proficiently talented friends to produce and perform some of the best music & songs I have heard in many years. I am a music *snob* also. My ear is sensitive to quality and passion. Many, many days I wake and start my day with Beautiful Day and The Game or hop on the Ducati and set my ride with The Afterwhile now. I just got their newest EP and IJ Inside Job is just such a well written composed song. I am so proud of them and hope to share a long future watching them grow into greatness in the near future. I have too much to say, dont know how to squeeze it al in. Namaste'
The Afterwhile are local treasures at my Pub. With a powerful, yet warm and clear singing voice that transforms most patrons to just saying “Wow”, Gina is in full control of the house. Once in a while, they will let you catch your breath with a smooth country tune sung by Tony while Jason adds a layer of blue grass mandolin picking, but get ready, the show has just started.
Gina has the most beautiful, commanding voice that I have ever heard and Tony has the soul of Johnny Cash! I wish I could go to every performance and listen! Love you guys!
I heard you for the first time at Kiester Days last summer. I was up the hill and couldn't see you at first but I heard Gina belting out "My Story" and was blown away. What a great night. The next time I saw you I requested "My Story" and it was so beautiful and Gina sang it flawlessly. Everyone had so much fun and you keep the crowd entertained all night. It is my hope that I'll be able to have you sing at my wedding someday.
Your music is everything good about small towns and real people and heartache and laughter and joy the total abandon that one feels when they swing out over open water and let go.
I first heard The Afterwhile at a music festival a few years ago. I was so impressed with the singing and harmonies, along with the band, I pulled out my phone and recorded some of it for my wife to hear. She too was impressed so we both went and watched them perform at a local venue soon after and ever since, we have tried to see them at every chance we get. We also have brought many more friends and family to see them and everyone has raved about their talent. How they have not gotten a big recording contract yet is beyond me. So phenomenal! Dave B.
They are famous in my mind. Just waiting to here them hit the top 40's.
We absolutely LOVED having you play at my sister's wedding last weekend! You have something really, really special and put their reception over the top. Hope to see you guys play again soon. Wishing you all the best! Dorothy PS- I've never seen my little guy dance so much! He is still recovering!!
Saw you this Saturday at Hickory Hills Campground. You are both a real talent and we enjoyed listening to you. Plan to give your web address to friends. Hope to see you again. Dave and Lisa
O' wow. Great job. Really enjoyed u guys. River falls wi.
DIG IT! Love the way you guys sound. I'd love to check you guys out (maybe sit in?) if i'm your neck-o-the woods.
Are you from The Conti Family of the 70's? I remember Angela Conti..we met at Kings Plaza and she came over my house for a visit...it was lots of fun then..good memories...are you the one?
Just wanted to say how much my family and I enjoyed listening to your music while having a lovely dinner at the Spanish River Grill. We stumbled upon the restaurant by chance and couldn't have been more pleased! Every song performed was done so well and with such talent, my only regret is that I was visiting from out of state and can't see you live more often! I will be getting a CD to get my fix :)
Really enjoyed jamming with you guys at the wedding... A pleasure meeting you all... Facebook Blackwaterfla
Ya know when ya know how everything happens for a reason?! I was only expecting dinner and drinks at the Hard Rock Café, but was blessed with some hard answers through the spirit, honesty and beauty in your music as it reached in and hugged my soul. Thank you! Love you already! Best of luck and cant wait to see you all again! Peace. :) Pam
Just caught your show at the Hard Rock. It was awesome! I loved the new song. I wish I lived closer. I swear you guys get better every time I hear you.
I miss you guys so much!!! There's nothing like you anywhere else in the country as far as I'm concerned. Great to see that wonderful things are happening for you:)
You sounded fabulous last night on the radio. I'm so glad I could tune in and listen. I'm looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks when I'm in town. Keep on jammin'..
Your Music is like a spirit that sleeps like a sunset trapped behind the clouds as bright lights shine somewhere over the mountain and the Vocals are like silence falling uncovered as the truth - forever bathed in God's own light ~ Epic and Stirring!
Wishing you could play in Portland Oregon. Loving your music!
You and your brother are the best! I love coming to Spanish River Grill and listening to such talented singers and players! I will be there on March the 4th! I heard you are going to be on The Voice. I will keep watching!
You guys do it right! I was having a hard time explaining how great you guys are. I am told tight is the word, well in that case you guys were torked at Burning Man! Looking forward to next time!!!
"...its the difference between watching a band and enjoying musicians" My sister said that during the first Afterwhile show see saw. Its so true. It doesn't matter if I'm front and center at a show or listening to "Honest Lie" on a raining day, this band always seems to take me away. You all are amazing and beautiful.
Continue to look for you on The Voice, hope to see you rock the stage soon! Was very moved by your performances at the Sanford Wine Company, the whole band has such talent. Look forward to hearing you go far!
Wow! You guys are consummate musicians. We love your sound, your energy, your vibe. Come back to Caffe da Vinci whenever you can.
Saw you for the first time at the Sanford Wine Company and WOW we were blown away. You are booked to perform at our friends wedding in 2-weeks and they wanted us to see you live. We are hooked, can't wait for the wedding and can't wait to come see you in New Smyrna Beach. Great vocals, great band, we are fans!!!!
The first time my fiancé and I heard you, we were captivated and knew we had to have you play for our wedding! Two weeks and counting... And we can't wait! Your voices and the music you make are truly amazing!
After having the pleasure of listening to The Afterwhile play at the Sanford Wine Bar for a second time, it dawned on me that it would be utterly presumptuous to attempt to describe the truly harmonic nature of their music. The melodic sound and delightful presence makes for an unforgettable experience. A refreshing and genuine talent!!
I have only been in Sanford florida for five years but i always try to come and hear you guys when your in town. I can't say that about any other band. Keep up the great work.
you guys brighten my day/night every time i hear you. amazing voices, amazing music, amazing chemistry, and amazing talent. i hope you continue to thrive. xoxo
Wow Gina! I know you probably don't remember me, knew you and your family from Sacred Heart school. Your music blows me away! I still remember you singing in the NSB Christmas parade. Knew you would be big time. Best of luck with the new cd and hope to catch you act soon. Sue
Wow Gina! I know you probably don't remember me, knew you and your family from Sacred Heart school. Your music blows me away! I still remember you singing in the NSB Christmas parade. Knew you would be big time. Best of luck with the new cd and hope to catch you act soon. Sue
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I worked with Rob Brame at Stetson and have know him for about 7 years. I FINALLY got to see him play, last Sunday, at the Ocean Deck. I knew of his talent so I was prepared for something special. What I saw and heard far exceeded my expectations. You guys are AWSOME. I loved the mix (OMG-everything from Pink Floyd to The Band to John Prine!!) And then you floored me with some original work....then you brought down the house with your encore. A true barn burner. I'm a real music aficionado and sometimes frustrated musician with an above average ear for talent. You guys are the SHIT!! Can't wait to see you again and can't wait till you hit it big and I can say "I saw you when"! BTW - I was on a road trip last year and caught a band you might like, outside of Chattenooga. See what you think: http://www.flatriverband.com/
Saw you at the Ocean Deck on Sunday night. Very well done, appreciate your talent. I will try to catch you the next time your there. Jeff
Hello. I had the pleasure of watching and listening to you in Daytona Beach in November 2011. Wow what a treat! You are so incredibly talented. I love the female lead voice and the brother lead voice. I always liked Johnny Cash but the sexy smooth voice the one brother has is 100 X better than JC! I could listen to you all day. Thanks again. Have a wonderful healthy long carreer. Rosella
You guys are GREAT! I really like Lori's Song a lot. I wish you all Bright Blessings and hope you hit the charts!! Love to my cousin Rob xo
Saw you guys tonight (Oct 12) at the Hard Rock in Gatlinburg. Wow. You guys are GREAT! The music is an eclectic mix of folk & rock with a bit of a fusion twist - really good. But the vocals - holy cow - y'all are over the top. And your originals rate no less than top 'o the charts. Can't wait to see/hear you back in town again. Rock on!
Hi: We discovered you at 27 Fathoms last night - We enjoyed the evening of music so much. We spoke to you briefly when yo were starting a break We will be "finding" you more often now...! Ken and Betsy
Hey guys! Just visiting your website and listening to your awesome tracks! Thanks for doing what you do and keeping the world a beautiful place! Love you both!!! xoxo
Listening to you right now on the radio. You guys are awesome.
You all have something magical. Love your music!
I love you guys!!!!