Current Status of The Afterwhile

For those of you lovely people who have been loyally following The Afterwhile have probably noticed that we are playing more solo shows than full band shows lately. We are in a phase of our group where "life" has just taken us down different paths at present. 

We will continue to post our dates (individual or full band) on this website and The Afterwhile facebook page and let you know of any breaking news about the band or it's individual members. 

Currently, Tony is touring in the Midwest and playing with some great musicians here and there, that he has met along his travels. Chris will be joining him later this June. Alex has recently moved to Denver, CO and is loving it and doing extremely well! He is going to try and join Chris and Tony on the Midwest tour for a week or two, but that's all still up in the air depending on his status out in Denver. Lastly, Gina has decided to stay put in Florida as the thought of touring with her baby Ruby seems daunting at present. She will continue to wow the folks around Florida and is teaming up with her sister Mary for many shows as well. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued love and support!